From the wisdom of top bartenders


Barsmith began as a challenge. Our friends (who are now colleagues) – leading bartenders in Austin and Nashville – found no commercial products could provide the taste and perfect combination of ingredients as the compounds, bitters, tonics and syrups they used and made nightly. So with their help and expertise, we set out to create them. We are extremely proud to present the result, Barsmith.

Crafted by expert bartenders, Barsmith bar essentials, brines, syrups and mixes make for perfect classic and modern cocktails. Barsmith products are made with the finest ingredients at exacting proportions. With only Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Barsmith provides distinguished flavor for truly exceptional cocktails.

Barsmith is rooted in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. In these two wonderful cities, we are inspired by a cocktail revival alongside great music and food.

From classic bar essentials like Grenadine and Sweetened Lime Juice, to Honey Ginger and Old Fashioned, Barsmith allows home and professional bartenders alike to create the most pure, enticing and noteworthy cocktail around.

As the first bar mix brand to use only Non-GMO ingredients, Barsmith has proudly partnered with the Non-GMO Project to verify all Barsmith products.


Four Blue Palms, Inc.

Four Blue Palms, Inc., the team behind Barsmith, is a dynamic group of food and beverage industry veterans and cocktail connoisseurs, focused on crafting the highest quality of products available anywhere in the market today. Together, Four Blue Palm's partners represent over half a century of experience in innovating, producing and marketing iconic brands enjoyed by discerning consumers' around the world. Four Blue Palms is headquartered in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by great music, great food and great cocktails.


Robert Longhurst

Chief Bartender and Creative Consultant

A defining tastemaker in the Nashville bar scene, Robert Longhurst’s work spans from spirit and cocktail development to bar design and management. Robert is responsible for contributing or creating bar programs for numerous renowned Nashville establishments including Virago, Watermark, Holland House, Silo and Josephine. Through his consulting and management work, he has designed and managed bars, building them from the ground up from bar construction to menu design and staff training to launch. Robert is instrumental in imagining, creating, testing and approving Barsmith products.


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