At Barsmith, We Serve up High-Quality Bar Mixes Using the Best Ingredients

Barsmith produces a line of high-quality and affordable bar mixes using the finest ingredients, containing no GMOs, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The Barsmith team has always been motivated by capturing great taste in their bar mixes and pricing them within reach of all home bar enthusiasts wanting to enjoy splendid cocktails. The result is an emphasis on balanced ingredients and carefully and thoughtfully produced concoctions.

A Challenge Gives Rise to a Forward-Thinking Company, Pushing the Boundaries of Great Taste and Affordability

Barsmith began in 2014 as a challenge. Our friends and now colleagues—who are leading bartenders in Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee—found no commercial products could provide the taste and perfect combination of ingredients as the compounds, bitters, tonics and syrups they used and made nightly. So with their help and expertise, we set out to create them. We are extremely proud to present the result: Barsmith’s lineup of bartender-grade mixers.

Crafted by expert bartenders, Barsmith’s bar essentials, brines, mixes and syrups make for perfect classic and modern cocktails. Our products are made with the finest ingredients at exacting proportions, providing distinguished flavors for truly exceptional cocktails.

Barsmith is rooted in Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee. In these two wonderful cities, we are inspired by a cocktail revival alongside great food and music.

From our classic bar essentials such as Grenadine, Lime Juice and Old Fashioned mixes to our adventurous Hatch Chile Margarita and Nashville Hot Bloody Mary mixes, Barsmith enables home and professional bartenders alike to create the purest and most enticing and noteworthy cocktails around.

​As the first bar mix brand to use only non-GMO ingredients, Barsmith has proudly partnered with the Non-GMO Project to verify all our products.

Barsmith’s Mixes Are Perfectly Matched for Our Standard Proof Whiskey Co. Selections

Many of our bar essentials, brines, mixes and syrups pair perfectly with our sister brand Standard Proof Whiskey Co.’s products. Our Golden Rye (with real fresh pineapple), Red Eye Rye (with 100 percent arabica coffee), Ginger Rye (with real fresh ginger root), Pecan Rye (with real roasted pecans from San Saba, Texas), Wildflower Rye (with real honeysuckle nectar) and Emerald Rye (with real fresh mint leaves)—chock full of bold and signature flavors—await you!

Do you like Barsmith’s products? Hearing from happy customers who have had fantastic experiences with our mixes is just the best news for us!

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